Stocked Resistor/Capacitor Equivalence Calculator

Have you ever needed a specific resistor or capacitor that you don't have? Have no fear! You can probably make that specific resistance or capacitance value using components you already have. Instead of solving a huge multivariable optimization problem with millions of different combinations, use this program!

Just select resistor or capacitor, enter the target value, input the max number of components you would like to use, enter a list of the values of the components you have, and click calculate!

Target Value:

Number of Components:

List the component values you presently have in a comma-separated list as shown below. Do not include units! Below is a list of common resistor values for example.

Standardize your units! If you give a value in killiohms, all values must be in killiohms. If you give a value in nanofarads, all values must be in nanofarads. The result will always be in the same units as the values you provided.